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We have combined 45 years as clinical Psychotherapist, with 50,000+ clinical hours of working to help and support individuals, children and parents to live better and be better
We have realistic tools and strategies with proven scientific record that works
You get to keep the 45 years scientifically proven strategies to heal your trauma and help you parent more effectively, to prevent and stop continuous generational trauma in you, your child and your family.

Finding it hard to understand or manage your child's behaviour?
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Waterside Centre, 26 Avenue Rd,, Croydon, SE25 4DX, United Kingdom
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Affordable Counselling: Face to Face in Croydon, or Online

Floating Counselling see clients in person in Croydon and online. We want to sup...

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Food Bank: Thursday - Food Parcels in Croydon (FB)

We offer FREE weekly food parcels, toiletries When: Free weekly food p...

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Mental Health & Wellbeing: Affordable Counselling in Croydon, or online (MH&WB)

Floating Counselling sees clients in person in Croydon, and online. We want to s...

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Monthly Parenting Training By Qualified Therapist & Coaches

Monthly Parenting Training by Qualified Therapist & Coaches (who are also pa...

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