Reaching Higher

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Aims & Activities
"Our goal is to CHALLENGE young people to be LEADERS of their OWN LIVES."
We create a coaching environment where young people can engage in a wide range of activities which are used to build their self esteem and to develop problem solving, communication, team working and leadership skills.
The activities we use include:
Performing Arts (dance, drama and music)
Creative Arts (fashion, design, art)
Sports, with a particular emphasis on football
Media (film, photography, graphic design)
Our end goal is to develop young people providing leadership opportunities so they become change agents in their community.
Our Social Objectives:
Skills: To develop skills in young people which will help shape their future, such as leadership experience, team working and communication.
Confidence: To ensure young people develop a positive confidence in their own identity and the self belief.
Main Address
South Norwood Methodist Church, Suffolk Road, London, SE25 6ES, United Kingdom
Main Tel Number
020 8945 5560
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