Woodcraft Folk is the co-operative movement for children and young people. We believe passionately in equality and co-operation and everyone is welcome to join us.

We help children and young people to understand important issues about the world: the environment, world debt, global conflict and sustainable development. The work we do supports our young members to build a peaceful, fairer world, and to develop their own ideas, their self-confidence and their skills. We work to ensure that young people’s voices are listened to and amplified, so they can take an active role in shaping our world and their future.

Groups in South Norwood:

  • Swan Lake Elfins & Woodchips
  • Phoenix DFs

For more information visit: https://woodcraft.org.uk/

Contact details

Organisation Croydon Voluntary Action - Waterside Centre
Address Waterside Centre, 26, Avenue Road, Croydon, Surrey, SE25 4DX, United Kingdom

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