Education, Training and Empowerment Hub

Code Red Empowerment Project

Delivery of the following ten education and training courses

  1. Creating a Nurturing Environment for Success 
  2. The Workings of and Career Options in the Criminal Justice System including a Mock Trial which would lead to a Students’ Court Television Series. 
  3. Preparing Students and Young Adults for the World of Work 
  4. Parents, Do You Really Know That? 
  5. The Law and You Young People 
  6. Mentoring and Support 
  7. Debating Society 
  8. Corporate Governance, Transparency and Accountability 
  9. Protecting Non-Profits and Charities from Criminal Abuse 
  10. Empowerment Community Fora on Social Issues 

Our activities are disability-friendly in terms of Ease of availability of signage where possible for arrival at or departure from the service delivery venues. Signposting and access to public transportation systems for getting to and from our chosen locations. Choice of venues, facilities, equipment and supporting infrastructure for delivery of services Easily accessible and barrier-free public parking., Barrier-free. entry to and exit from service delivery venues. Choice, expertise and training of core staff, support staff and volunteers include consideration of disability requirements of learners. Service delivery based on the engagement of expert and experienced staff and support in relation to mental health support, visual, hearing, intellectual, learning and physical impairment, and occupational therapy needs, all subject to the availability of adequate funding.

The Empowerment Project is available daily from 9.00 am to 18.00pm throughout the year

Sessions Run

Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning, Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, Friday afternoon

Contact details

Organisation Code Red Empowerment Project
Contact name Calvin Wilson
Address Sylvan Road, London, SE19 2RX, United Kingdom
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